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    Post  Ghost on Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:22 pm

    Prototype is has been a long awaited game since its very first vague, foggy and building-climbing trailers. An sandbox action game that feels similar to the old spiderman movie-game type sandbox. So, let get onto the review shall we?

    Story Line

    This game is pulling an annoying opening that is starting to become popular these days. Just like in assassins creed, at the very first of the game, you have 'x' amount of extraordinary powers. Unfortunately, the girth of the storytelling is done in hindsight, so you start with memories of when you were first infected. Thus, having no powers and making you start over. This annoying feature knocks it down a few points.
    After the annoying first part, the storyline consists of you plunging your hand through seemingly random peoples organs to gain access to their memories. This triggers a short and vague cinematic that will leave you with the general feeling of wtf. With about 80% of the story line being vague, it ends up feeling like a "Follow orders because we say so" kind of game, where your not really sure why you seem to be hurling helicopters at building except that the words on the screen tell you too. Altogether, I really felt that the story could have been presented better. Especially since they used the excuse of amnesia on the main character >.> lazy producers...

    Storyline = 5/10

    This one i will call in backup for. To quote another game reviewer [yahtzee croshaw] "You got claws, but you wont use them. you got big hammer things, but you wont use those. You have a whip, but you wont use that. This is because you will simply use the one weapon that shoot giant tentacles out of you going every direction that impale everyone." This is truth. I recall one fond departure where i made my way to the largest military base. After landing from my flight, i unleashed the said tentacle move, and everyone in the area was destroyed. I ran around for a few minutes, waiting for people to respawn. once there were enough people, i simply did it again. It looks cool the first hundred time, but it gets dull...
    The wall running, and flight is a good way to get around but is slow. This was the main point of the game (which is good because its the way you will spend most of the game)

    Gameplay = 8/10


    This can be short and sweet. During cut scenes, there are unneeded BGM to make the voices vague. There are 4 actors for the civilians, and probably another 5 or 6 voices for all the military personell. There are some okay music for the menus but that is about it. There are also too many necessary crashes at points where there should not be one.'nuff said

    Audio = 6/10


    The graphics are nothing less then blast-out-your-eyes dazzling, but that's to be expected nowadays. There is still no absence of the murky dull colours that seem so natural to the next-gen consoles. The camera angle is basically correct. On the other hand, the cut scenes is where this loses many points. Most of the cut scenes consist of a montage of murky intangible picture that whiz past your eyes 4 frames faster the you can see. Its annoying.

    Graphics = 8/10


    The special content that I will review for this game will be the main character... Oh wait. That would be silly. He is basically emotionless with the exception of wanting revenge. This seems discerning throughout the entire game though, as he never says it with any real hatred. It more of a; Yawn, utter death threat, go out and kill two hundred people and be back in time for brunch, kind of attitude. So, This game gets a bad heroism score of 5. it would get less, but then i remember that at least he is not trying to actually be a hero in this game, just trying not to die...

    Special = 5/10

    Storyline = 5/10
    Gameplay = 8/10
    Audio = 6/10
    Graphics = 8/10
    Special = 5/10

    Overall I give this Game a 7. Its a good choice to go out and get, but only rent it. It is a good play for a few hours at least, but there are defiantly better games out there.

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