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    These are the rules of the forum.

    Kitsune (Admin)
    Kitsune (Admin)

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    These are the rules of the forum. Empty These are the rules of the forum.

    Post  Kitsune (Admin) Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:41 am

    Ok, the following are the rules of my forum website:

    1. No large amounts of swearing or use of bad language.
    2. No posting of any American music in Japanese Music forum.
    3.No posting of any thing other then Japanese Anime, in Japanese Anime forum.
    4.The Japan Forum is for talking about Japan.
    5.Treat others how you would like to be treated.
    6. Do not post any bad links or links that lead to spam or a virus.
    7.Do not post and crude or inappropriate pictures, or humor.
    8.Respect everyone's opinion, even if you don't agree on it.
    9.respect me the Admin, and all of my Moderators.
    10.Do not pose as me or use the name admin for your account, if so I will delete and ban your account without hesitation.
    11.Do not play rude or harmful jokes on site members.

    The result of breaking any of these rules will be being banned for a amount of time as chosen by our moderators, or if it continues from the same user your account will be deleted. Remeber to have fun and follow the rules of the forum.

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